Pelvic pain in pregnancy: Symphysis pubis dysfunction

It is proven that one in five pregnant women have sharp pain in the pelvic area during pregnancy. The pelvic pain of pregnancy is a dysfunction of the Pubic symphysis. This disorder can be a nuisance or even extremely painful, to the point that it becomes difficult to walk.

The pelvic pain of pregnancy also known as pelvic girdle pain, is a painful condition almost unique pregnancy. The pain and discomfort is generated in the pelvic region, often in the front, but can radiate to the hips, back, groin, abdomen and legs.

These disturbances are due to excessive movement of the baby and the instability of the pubic symphysis and possibly by a misalignment of the pelvis.

The symphysis pubis dysfunction can become extremely painful, some women claim that mourn with the mere fact of climbing a ladder. The discomfort depend on the pain threshold of each and range from burning to a stabbing sensation.

Mothers with Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) have to consult with a professional before attempting to ease the pain on their own. Specialist needs to evaluate the case to determine which joints are causing pelvic pain.

Treatment of dysfunction of the symphysis pubis joint is realigned with manual therapy and stabilization exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joints, along with proper stretching techniques. In some cases it is recommended to use a belt to support the sacroiliac joint.

Besides this the mother should endeavor to minimize discomfort, such as climbing stairs as little as possible, do not sit on the bed with legs straight, place both feet firmly on the ground when standing up, sitting in dressing, etc.

Taking the necessary precautions and with the help of physical therapy or treatment by a chiropractor, pregnant women may be able to relieve the least a little pain, but always keep in mind that the consultation with the physician should be made in the first instance.