The detailed history of The Pond Collection

About The Pond Collection

One of Palm Springs greatest hidden gems, the Pond Collection of 110 exotic and classic automobiles is a rare showcasing of cars where you can see an assortment of Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Exotic Cars, Movie Cars, former Concourse Cars, Race Cars, Indy Cars, Custom Hot Rod Cars, plus many more.  This collection that started from a personal passion is now online making its public debut.

Bob Pond was born in May of 1924 in Edina, Minnesota.  He started collecting cars when he was a kid.  He always had three cars when he needed one, six cars when he needed two and today he has amassed over 100 cars.  Robert Pond was an avid lover of both aviation and cars and the car collection is housed in multiple car garages.  The Nostalgia added to the growing passion of his collecting.  Each car is significant because it carries a story with it and the history behind the how and why of the creation was something, Bob loved.  Through the years Bob Pond also enjoyed going to car auctions and car shows to acquire different cars, which he added or traded to the collection. As a family: Bob, Jo and Setorii would exercise the cars every day, this hobby was something both he and his Granddaughter, Setorii Pond, together shared in.

Through the years the collection has included cars such as: a Chrysler Airflow, 1935; a 1948 Tucker; Vector W-8, Cobra, and many Rolls Royce’s, such as our Rolls Royce Phantom 1, that go back to the ’30s; Packard’s from the ’30′s, a 1931 Coupe, 1934 convertible, Victory convertible, a 1941 Lincoln convertible, a 1937 convertible; 1946 convertible; a 1956 Continental Mark II.  Also in the collection are: Maseratis, Lamborghinis, a 57 Chevy Bel-Air, corvettes and several Thunderbirds. There are also race cars in the collection; one of them is a 1968 that came in second at the Indy 500, driven by Dan Gurney, we have a 1981 Eagle and the #88 Nissan that won 8 of the 10 races it entered in 1988.  All of the cars are excersised daily and are in amazing condition. The Pond’s still carry the enthusiasm and today their collection contains one of the most diverse arrays of automotive vehicles assembled.

The Pond Collection is located in Southern California. For press inquiries and/general information Contact Us.